Unexpected winner Julian Track

There was a moment today, actual several moments spanning about nine hours, in which most here at EPT Prague believed that the final table would be a two-day affair, squeezed into the hours of one. Players wondered if they would be denied playing time, media nervously glanced at flight times tomorrow morning, and the TV people anxiously wondered whether their digital servers would hold out long enough.

But despite the massive average stack, the thrilling final table played out in an almost standard fashion, and by standard we mean in good time, and with a result that showcased the best of poker.

The result was perhaps not the one that many had expected, but Julian Track’s victory tonight was a story of triumph over adversity. He is poker’s “sickest” winner in a literal sense, and well worth his first prize of €725,700, plus an exclusive Slyde watch.

EPT10 Prague Main Event
Date: December 12-18, 2013
Buy-in: € 5,300
Players: 1,007
Prize pool: € 4,883,950

1 – Julian Track, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, €725,700*
2 – Georgios Sotiropoulos, Greece, €700,000*
3 – Stephen Chidwick, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, €378,000
4 – Ka Kwan Lau, Spain, €283,800
5 – Ole Schemion, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, €218,300
6 – Max Silver, United Kingdom, €160,200
7 – Zdravko Duvnjak, Croatia, €118,200
8 – Jorma Nuutinen, Finland, €84,600

* denotes two-way deal.

Rafa Nadalnadal

EPT 2013 Prague Charity Challenge Highlights

Tennis ace Rafa Nadal and Brazilian football legend Ronaldo met across the poker table this afternoon at the prestigious €100,000 EPT Charity Challenge – held as part of the PokerStars European Poker Tour Prague festival. They were joined by former Ukrainian footballer Andriy Shevchenko, Italian skier Alberto Tomba, Dutch Olympic field hockey player Fatima Moreira de Melo and the world’s number one poker player Daniel Negreanu.


EPT Prague was one player show

The story of the EPT Prague main event final was almost reserved for one player. Then it became the story of a prickly debate over the numbers of a deal that ultimately turned to vitriol. But then it reverted to the first story, that of Ramzi Jelassi’s triumph – a welcome triumph – and a first EPT title to one of the game’s most enduring and talented players.

EPT9 Prague Main Event
Date: December 9-15, 2012
Buy-in: € 5,300
Players: 864
Prize pool: € 4,190,400

1 – Ramzi Jelassi, Sweden, €835,000
2 – Sotirios Koutoupas, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, €510,000
3 – David Boyaciyan, Netherlands, €310,000
4 – Ben Warrington, UK , €250,000
5 – Diego Gomez, Spain, €196,000
6 – Sergey Kuzminskiy, Russia, PokerStars Qualifier, €160,000
7 – Aleh Plauski, Belarus, PokerStars Qualifier, €108,400
8 – Mark Herm, USA, €75,000


Unibet Open 2012

We had such a good time in Prague in 2009 and 2010 that after a one year hiatus the Unibet Open will be returning to Prague and taking over the luxurious Hilton hotel for four days this February. The tournament will take place in the Atrium Casino located inside the Hilton — this is comfort at its finest, with no need to leave the building at all if you don’t want to.


EPT8 and another German’s notch

Germany has scored yet another major poker victory tonight with PokerStars qualifier Martin Finger taking down the €5,3000 EPT Prague Main Event for €720,000. He joins a growing roster of German speakers who have walked away with EPT trophies this season – Ronny Kaiser (from Switzerland) won the season’s first event in Tallinn, Martin Schleich won EPT Barcelona and Benny Spindler won EPT London.

EPT8 Prague Main Event
Date: December 5-10, 2011
Buy-in: € 5,300
Players: 772
Prize pool: € 3,501,700

1 – Martin Finger, Germany, PokerStars Qualifier, €720,000
2 – David Boyaciyan, Netherlands, €535,000
3 – Nicolas Levi, France, €270,000
4 – Guillen Usero, Spain, €205,000
5 – Denys Drobyna, Ukraine, €160,000
6 – Ari Engel, USA, €125,000
7 – Andreas Wiese, Germany, €90,000
8 – Mats Wissing, Denmark, €66,700

Roberto Romanello

Romanello and “his” tournament

It marks the end of a breakthrough year for Romanello who just ten months ago knew exactly how it felt to fall as this final stage. A few hours after his sixth-placed finish in Copenhagen, he was picking at a consolatory dinner in the hotel restaurant, his face speaking more than any words. “It felt like it was my tournament,” he’d said, wondering if he would ever get as close again. Well today he found his answer, one worth €640,000.

EPT Prague Main Event
Date: December 13-18, 2010
Buy-in: € 5,300
Players: 563
Prize pool: € 2,730,550

1 – Roberto Romanello, United Kingdom, €640,000
2 – Emiliano Bono, Italy, €435,000
3 – Marcin Horecki, Poland, €247,000
4 – Peter Skripka, Russia, €163,000
5 – Marco Leonzio, Italy, €130,000
6 – Jan Bendik, Slovakia, €100,000
7 – Manuel Bevand, France, €71,000
8 – Roberto Nulli, Italy, €54,550

jan skampa

Czech-Slovak tour and the winner Jan Skampa

In June this year, PokerStars launched the Czech and Slovak Poker Tour, a gentle four-event series costing about $750 a pop, with the intention of bringing affordable poker to a whole region of inexperienced players.

The thing is, a young student from Prague named Jan Skampa has clearly been putting the hours in already.

Two weeks ago in Portugal, Skampa, 23, became the first Czech player ever to make the final table of an EPT event. This week he is a champion. Skampa rode a wave of home support through one of the toughest EPT final tables ever gathered to claim the winner’s trophy this evening – and a cheque for €682,000.

EPT6 Prague Main Event
Date: December 1-6, 2009
Buy-in: € 5,250
Players: 586
Prize pool: € 2,930,000

1 – Jan Skampa, Czech republic, €682,000
2 – Eyal Avitan, Israel, €454,000
3 – Stefan Mattsson, Sweden, €255,000
4 – Anthony Roux, France, €171,000
5 – Larry Ryan, Republic of Ireland, €135,000
6 – Luca Pagano, Italy, €100,000
7 – Gustav Ekerot, Sweden, €71,000
8 – Sven Eichelbaum, Germany, €55,500

Salvatore Bonavena

Salvatore Bonavena in Il Tricolore drowing in chips

When you think of poker in Italy – and on the boisterous EPT these days you rarely have the opportunity not to – you probably think of the Team PokerStars Pro duo Dario Minieri and Luca Pagano, with notable mentions to Max Pescatori and Dario Alioto. But as from this evening, and the second-longest final table in the tour’s history, there’s another contender proudly draped in Il Tricolore and drowning in chips. His name is Salvatore Bonavena and he is the latest EPT Prague champion, €774,000 richer.

EPT5 Prague Main Event
Date: December 9-13, 2008
Buy-in: € 5,000
Players: 570
Prize pool: € 2,764,500

1 – Salvatore Bonavena, Italy, €774,000
2 – Massimo Di Cicco, Italy, €445,000
3 – Andrew Chen, Canada, €257,000
4 – Alexiou Konstantinos, Greece, €199,000
5 – Francesco Cirianni, Italy, €166,000
6 – Fredrik Nygard, Finland, €130,000
7 – Nasr El Nasr, Germany, €99,500
8 – Raul Mestre, Spain, €71,800

Arnaud Mattern

Backgammon player Arnaud Mattern win EPT4

The EPT inaugural event brought together over 550 players for the 5000 euro tournament . The EPT inaugural event brought together over 550 players for the 5000 euro tournament . The winner of the main event was the professional backgammon player Arnaud Mattern who won is first ever EPT trophy and 708.400 in price money. Playing carefully, Arnaud who was second on the chip lead just after Norinder managed to keep the spot until the final challenge with Gino Alacqua. As the final table started, Norinder was chip leader with over 1 million.

EPT4 Prague Main Event
Date: December 10-14, 2007
Buy-in: € 4,700
Players: 555
Prize pool: € 2,530,240

1 – Arnaud Mattern, France, €708,400
2 – Gino Alacqua, Italy, €407,300
3 – Kristian Kjøndal, Norway, €235,300
4 – Juha Lauttamus, Finland, €182,200
5 – Markus Golser, Austria, €151,800
6 – Nedzib Suman, Sweden, €119,000
7 – Dag Palovic, Slovakia, €93,600
8 – Mikael Norinder, Sweden, €63,200